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A community for fans of the Seifer/Quistis pairing.
This is a community for fans of the Seifer/Quistis pairing in Final Fantasy 8.


1. Please use an LJ-cut when making long posts or posts with a lot of pictures.
2. Adult content must also be placed under an LJ-cut with a readable warning.
3. No bashing other characters from the game. Serious discussion is fine, and so is a difference of opinion. But this community will not tolerate hostility toward fans of other pairings or characters.
4. Similarly, bashing of the Seifer/Quistis pairing (read: trolling) won't be tolerated. Serious discussion of its merits, however, will.
5. Any content that features a relationship between Quistis and Seifer can be posted in this community. This includes material that may have a secondary pairing or references past pairings as well as material that is primarily plot-based/gen.
6. Be civil.

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Seifer & Quistis - Opposed Love.