Ms Starlight (starlight83) wrote in seiferxquistis,
Ms Starlight

Mod Note

A bunch of spam hit the moderation queue here this morning. Which was a surprise to me because I haven't had to approve a post here in a very long time! Made me curious exactly what the settings are for moderation here and I thought I'd pass that info along...

I have set what is called "partial moderation." Which means that if you're a member, you can post without approval unless your post contains a link to a website that is not our community's whitelist. If it has a link to a site not on the list, it goes through the moderation queue.

I glanced through the list, which is a little old, and added a few sites that have come up since then. It should continue to work just fine. But if ever anything from a legit member hits moderation, that's why! I'll add sites to the whitelist whenever that happens.
Tags: admin
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I'm amazed that spammers have the time to haunt LJ :P I get a lot of spam on Wordpress too :(

Thanks for staying on top of it!
There was an influx of spam years ago, which is the only reason that there's any moderation on posts here. LJ was weirdly on top of things this time though and the accounts were all suspended within in an hour of the posts hitting the queue.

I kind of took it as a little nudge from the FF8 fandom. Which I have been missing lately.