Ms Starlight (starlight83) wrote in seiferxquistis,
Ms Starlight

Mod Note

A bunch of spam hit the moderation queue here this morning. Which was a surprise to me because I haven't had to approve a post here in a very long time! Made me curious exactly what the settings are for moderation here and I thought I'd pass that info along...

I have set what is called "partial moderation." Which means that if you're a member, you can post without approval unless your post contains a link to a website that is not our community's whitelist. If it has a link to a site not on the list, it goes through the moderation queue.

I glanced through the list, which is a little old, and added a few sites that have come up since then. It should continue to work just fine. But if ever anything from a legit member hits moderation, that's why! I'll add sites to the whitelist whenever that happens.
Tags: admin
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