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(kind of) new fic!

Hey guys, I feel really bad posting after it's been so long, but it makes me sad that so many communities for FFVIII on LJ have just kind of died D: Hopefully this sparks something, haha.

Bit of background information on me, since I haven't ever posted here before. I started writing in March of this year, so it's definitely still a new experience for me. Squinoa is actually my OTP, but I find that I've been writing a lot of Seiftis lately, and I'm so in love with them as a couple. Black Swan is a much more angst-filled take than my first completed fic was (SeiFuu was my first, full of fluffy feels), so it's been a challenge, but a fun one nonetheless.

Title: Black Swan
Rating: M, mostly for language and occasional lemons.
Summary: Three years after the second Sorceress War, everyone has settled into their lives, except for Quistis; bitter and green with envy, she has more regrets than she can count. Unexpectedly, a figure from the past sparks emotions within her that she doesn't quite understand. Sometimes, you fall in love with the one you'd least expect. Seiftis. M for language and sexual themes.


Would love to know what you guys think :) I'm pretty active in a lot of the Facebook fan fiction groups, so if any of you are on there, hit me up! Or obviously, there's always my profile on FFN and PMs :)
Tags: fan fic
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