tequilameow (tequilameow) wrote in seiferxquistis,

Yoohoo, anybody there?

See, I suddenly miss S/Q so bad I even made up an all new LJ account (cause my old one got deleted after a couple of yrs of inactivity) just so I can wake everybody up.

Happy new year ya'll, do you know that if Q and S were real people they'd be turning 35 this year? What do you guys think they'd be like at that age hmm?

This is Tequila Princess from FFNet btw, just in case anybody still remembers the obssessive fangirl reviewer that I was.
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I'm still here. :)

Sort of. I don't get around to checking my LJ all that often anymore (I just had a baby -- #2 for me -- in September). But since I maintain this community, I get email notifications whenever there's any activity.

Funny that you posted though, because I was actually re-reading some old seiftis fic the other day. Gives me such warm fuzzies. :D
Which one? Just recently reread Fire and Ice + Gods and Gardens myself, so now I'm back in the fandom like it's 2000 all over again. Is altol stoll around? That sequel has to be finished you know haha.

And congrats on the baby! I have a 3 year old too, was supposed to lnkw him Seifer but ended up with Cloud instead.
Balamb Garden's Yuletide Vacation :)

I spoke very briefly to altol about a month ago or so. She's still around. But I don't know that she's still writing any FF fic.

My oldest is three, too. He's insane. Is yours? Being three is the worst. Combined with a baby to look after, they're keeping me pretty busy. I've been trying to carve out some time for my own writing but haven't been able to fit it in yet.
Yes! If I'm being totally honest with myself, I feel like strangling him at times--he runs around screaming and messing up the house (which I painstakingly try to keep in order) too much. Love him to bits of course, but sometimes I feel like all the patience in the world won't keep me from screaming back at me.

Ah, kids.

I was thinking the same thing this morning. I really miss the S/Q fandom. Makes me want to update. Badly. The sad part is that I constantly have ideas running around in my head. Getting them out into a comprehensive sentence is a whole different ballgame. And I really need to start reading again.

Maybe sissyHIYAH's recent update is the lil' poke in our butt to get moving...

I personally think that if the SeeDs were our age, they'd be exactly the same - just wiser, stronger, and deadlier. Seifer would still be immature and crass. Quistis would still be bossy and by-the-book. Both would still be hot :)

...ever think that their avatars look like they're in their late twenties than in their teens?
Here's to hoping your butt got poked enough to post something there! Haha.

And yes, now that I think about it I could've passed for their waaay younger sister when I was 18. If there were guys who looked like Seifer when I was that age.... Let's just say I probably got knocked up a lot earlier hahaha.
And a couple of months after, my SxQ relapse is still going strong.

A friend and I were talking about FF8 today and I just casually mention the fact that Adel is resurrected eventually with an army of magic-infused kids, causes mayhem and Cid's death, and is eventually stopped by our heroes with studmuffin Seifer.

She looks at me funny and then I realize, oh shit, that's from Fire and Ice.

I think that's a good testament to just how RIGHT a fanfic can get a universe--to the point where you accept it as canon.

Or I may just need to go out more.
Well I had to make a new LJ because I couldn't remember the login for my previous one, lol. I also can't really say that I'm 'still here' since I literally just came across this journal today. Plus I've only been writing since March of this year :0

I think at 35, they'd be more intense in some ways, and less so in others. I imagine Seifer would keep his snarky attitude but it'd be toned down with a lot more maturity. My beta reader is actually writing a slightly AU, detective fic where he's about 33 or so. That's kind of how I picture him, lol I imagine Quistis would be fierce! She always was, though.

Even though I haven't been in the community for very long, I'm still an obsessive fangirl reviewer on FFN XD