Quistis88 (quistis88) wrote in seiferxquistis,

Destiny Awaits: Chapter 19

Hello, everyone:

It's been a very long time since I posted anything here (or anything on LJ!). Not sure how many people actually read my one fic back in the day, but I've been slowly (very slowly) updating it in the last year or so after a three-year slump. The plot has finally picked up a bit and was first published more than a decade ago.

In case anyone is still interested, you can read it here:

Destiny Awaits
Latest Chapter
(constructive criticism always welcome)

I know that a lot of the writers for this fandom and pairing are very prolific and talented, so your writing is something I definitely continue to aspire to. :) Any tips and guidance is greatly appreciated.

I wonder if the rest of you also think that your writing has evolved and changed based on life circumstances, though I'm sure it's only natural that our reality informs our art. I find that I'm coming back to this fandom with a newfound sense of perspective and a better understanding. Here's hoping some of that comes through in the writing.

Thank you,
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