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(kind of) new fic!

Hey guys, I feel really bad posting after it's been so long, but it makes me sad that so many communities for FFVIII on LJ have just kind of died D: Hopefully this sparks something, haha.

Bit of background information on me, since I haven't ever posted here before. I started writing in March of this year, so it's definitely still a new experience for me. Squinoa is actually my OTP, but I find that I've been writing a lot of Seiftis lately, and I'm so in love with them as a couple. Black Swan is a much more angst-filled take than my first completed fic was (SeiFuu was my first, full of fluffy feels), so it's been a challenge, but a fun one nonetheless.

Title: Black Swan
Rating: M, mostly for language and occasional lemons.
Summary: Three years after the second Sorceress War, everyone has settled into their lives, except for Quistis; bitter and green with envy, she has more regrets than she can count. Unexpectedly, a figure from the past sparks emotions within her that she doesn't quite understand. Sometimes, you fall in love with the one you'd least expect. Seiftis. M for language and sexual themes.


Would love to know what you guys think :) I'm pretty active in a lot of the Facebook fan fiction groups, so if any of you are on there, hit me up! Or obviously, there's always my profile on FFN and PMs :)
Tags: fan fic
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I think a lot of people have moved to AO3 for fic. A bit moved to Dreamwidth Studios.
Yeah, I post on AO3 as well. Same content on both sites under the same pen name. I get more traffic on FFN still though. I've never heard of Dreamwidth :0
Dreamwidth is were a lot of LJers went after the final straws of the fandom Strikethrough on LJ.
It's a bit more friendly over there. It got it's creation around 2008 and started really opening up around 2009/2010.
They LISTEN to complaints. No adverts. A wonderful place.
Is AO3 worth joining? I have an FFN account...never heard of AO3 before...
I like AO3. The rating system is much more lenient and searching for specific tags/relationships is a lot easier. The reading aesthetic is also really nice. Their upload system is copy and paste so sometimes it gets annoying, but it is faster than FFN's is.

It also has a co-author feature that works really well, and you can search and organize by challenges/collections/etc. It has its drawbacks too, but for the most part, I enjoy it.
I have an FF.net account too. Haven't looked at in ...a few years? TBH, it slips my mind way more than it should. I'm not even sure if I actually uploaded any of my fic there.

Like h34rt1lly mentioned, the rating system is more lenient, and the search feature is great. You can bookmark, and "read later", not to mention you can download the works to put on an eReader of sorts.

I personally love the Kudos button because sometimes I'm hella lazy and want to say "hey, i read it. I liked it but I can't think of any comments because I'm lazy like that"
The kudos button is soooo nice. The downloading feature is incredible, too. I have yet to use it but the fact that the option is there, is amazing. I can think of a few fan fics that I'd love to save on my e-reader forever, in case it ever disappears into the ether, lol.
I do wish that I got more comments b/c I love the feedback but just knowing that someone read it and liked it was nice.

That download feature. UNF. love it!!
Yeah more comments would always be nice. That's why I'm still on FFN honestly, because I get almost double (if not more) traffic there than on AO3. It's weird.
But I know people who get the opposite effect: more traffic on AO3 than FFN. So who knows?
i should try loading something on FF net.
Are they still "can't post smut"?
Technically yes. Their highest rating is M. But I put my MA/Explicit seiftis one-shot on there and it's been fine so far, lol.
I think a few of my things are explicit. Most is angst. So much angst.
Yeah, I don't think they actively police it as much as they used to. Unless someone reports it, I think there's a pretty low chance of explicit content being taken down.

Ah, angst. It just works so well for Seiftis, doesn't it? Black Swan is actually angst/romance so I feel you, lol.
I know at one point they did. They were taking things down all over the place.

You know, I don't think I have much Seifer/Quistis. ....huh. >.>
Yeah I think they did a huge purge some years back? Interestingly enough, one of my favorite Warcraft stories has an explicit scene or two in it, and it wasn't removed in the purge. It was originally posted in like 06? Maybe 08? Something like that. I was extremely relieved that it wasn't removed.

Hahaha I've been on a Seiftis binge lately. There's this WIP, and I wrote that one-shot I mentioned. My first completed fic (and second fanfic overall) was Seifer x Fujin. For The Successor challenge in August, I'm also writing from Seifer's POV. I just can't get enough of him recently, lol.
It was weird when they did the purge. Some stuff was gone. Others, nope. They were there. It was weird. I think I still have some bookmarks of some of my faves.
I should actually check on those!

I have 1 Seifer/Quistis thing I wrote. (1 that i can find anyway)

I do love reading it however.
The challenge - where is this challenge? I think i sometimes need a boot to the butt to start writing more.


June 10 2015, 13:06:16 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  June 10 2015, 14:21:22 UTC

Link to your Seiftis? I love checking new stuff out :) If you end up reading Black Swan (whether on AO3 or FFN), I'd appreciate hearing what you think about it! It's ongoing though. I don't know if you prefer to only read completed fics, as a lot of people do. AO3 link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/3885019/chapters/9259453

And here's the link to The Successor challenge: http://thesuccessorchallenge.tumblr.com :)
i'm figuring out how to load things onto FF.net, i have one fic up! hooray?

but this is the seifer/quistis thing: https://archiveofourown.org/works/3156374
Oh I think I might have seen yours in the list when searching Seiftis. I'll read it now :)

& uploading on FFN is much more finicky than AO3, for sure. Do you have the same pen name on there? I'll follow you on both :)
Uploading on FF.net doesn`t have the same amount of possible warnings, or other things. I love AO3 for that.

I do have the same pen name on both! :D
Yeah, definitely. I find that I rarely use the warnings, though. If there's something that might trigger anything, I usually say so in the A/N for that chapter, or the summary if it's an overarching theme.

Hooray! I'll go follow you on FFN now.
Also, I just uploaded chapter seven of this story today :)
Chapter eight, 'Influence', went live last night :)